Why You Should Stock Cashmere Blends

Very few things come close to the luxury factor of pure cashmere. But when it comes to practicality, cashmere blends probably make more sense. While most stores and stockists will buy a minimal quantity of really good quality cashmere, the bulk of their stock is likely to be cashmere blend. There are many reasons why stocking this low-price cashmere is a good idea.

Limited market for cashmere

There is little doubt that cashmere is a premier product. Soft, luxurious and capable of lasting for generations, cashmere has always been synonymous with quality. However, its price can often be prohibitive. With such high costs, few people can afford cashmere. Even fewer will have a cashmere-only wardrobe. For stockists this translates to a rather limited market for cashmere products.

A welcome alternative

Therefore, cashmere blends have emerged as an attractive option. Certain blends like silk-cashmere are, in fact, quite luxurious. Modern cashmere blends are no longer poor quality and one can buy very high quality blends with careful sourcing. However, pay attention to the blend mix to ensure the product you wish to buy has the quality you desire.

Attractive designs

Today you can also get low price cashmere blends in very attractive designs. With modern cuts and patterns, these are high fashion items, often selling out within few days. For stockists, this means an assured profit, and, with their low price, it also guarantees healthy profit margins for retail sales.

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