Why You Should Stock Cashmere Blend

Cashmere blends are made by combining cashmere with other materials like wool, cotton or acrylic. Today, most cashmere wholesalers also offer these blends along with pure cashmere. If you are a purist who can’t decide whether to offer cashmere blends, you may be losing business by not offering them. There are many reasons to offer cashmere blends, including –

Reaching a wider market: Because pure cashmere is a premium high-cost product, not everyone can afford to buy it. Even for people who may buy cashmere, it is often just a one-time purchase — a valued garment that they will buy and not replace for many years. With cashmere blend, you can reach a much wider market. Also, this reasonably priced version is far more likely to sell in large quantities, with shoppers making frequent or multiple purchases.

More designs: The blended fabric is easier to work with, which is why many designs prefer it. They can create numerous and varied designs including additions such as sequins and stars, that would expensive to produce on pure cashmere.

Varied price structure: As a retailer, it always makes sense to offer a range of variously priced merchandise. Some items are meant to be high-priced. These are premium luxurious materials like pure cashmere. But it is good business to offer a more medium-range selection for people who do not want to pay for pure cashmere. Most buyers fall into this bracket. The more reasonably priced cashmere blend allows you to stock cashmere garments in this price range.

Limited availability of cashmere: Cashmere is a naturally sourced fabric with an extremely limited availability. Cashmere blends, on the other hand, have a higher availability because we are blending other fabrics and using less cashmere. With cashmere blends you are likely to be able to source exactly what you want and when you want it.

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