Tips to Sell Your Extra Cashmere Stock

As the summer ends, sales may dip. The best part of working with timeless materials is that you will always find someone who wants to buy cashmere knitwear. But you may need a little extra help and strategy to sell your inventory.

Return it: Check if your wholesaler will accept returns. There are usually conditions attached to such offers, such as an upper limit on returns, limitation on cash back and the condition of the merchandise. Returning the stock would obviously be the most preferred option. But if you cannot meet the conditions for valid returns, you may have to look at other options.

Offer discounts: This is the preferred method of moving on unsold inventory. Most retailers offer a discount on unsold stock, often using end-of-season sale or mid-season sale promotions. You can offer a single-rate discount or different discounts according to the popularity of the product. The least popular items can be offered under the heaviest discounts.

Make it part of promotional campaigns: You can market it part of any in-store campaign. For instance, you could offer a cashmere sweater to anyone buying goods above a certain price. You could offer other promotional items every time someone buys cashmere knitwear.

Changing presentation: Sometimes a simple change in placement can make all the difference. Place your stock alongside your highest selling items. This will ensure higher visibility. You can also change its presentation. Place it next to complementary clothes. For instance, when you dress a mannequin in a jumper, pair it up with a great looking skirt. The entire look will tempt the buyers to go for the same jumper.

Liquidate online: The internet is a great marketplace. It can help you reach buyers across the world, and to sell throughout all seasons. So, even if it is not cold enough for high cashmere sales in your area, you can always find a buyer somewhere else in the world. In other words, you can always find someone looking to buy cashmere knitwear!

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