Reasons Why Cashmere Is Expensive

Cashmere and its touch on your skin genuinely feels like a feather slowly drifting over your skin, and it is like a wisp of fresh air. It is very soft and luxurious to the touch, and its warmth sometimes would evoke poetry in your mind. Cashmere has always been a perennial favourite and is highly esteemed among fashion nobility.

Here are some of the reasons why cashmere is so expensive:

  • Cashmere is the King of Fibres: Cashmere comes from the highlands of Kashmir where the goat Capra hircus resides. The temperature and the weather at which the goats live cause the growth of diamond fibre. Also, these goats are a rare species and are not found everywhere. The luxurious yarn comes from luxurious fibre and represents status for the person who is wearing it. Lower price cashmere is very much in demand as new have developed to obtain cashmere fibre more efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Hard work: Whether it is lower price cashmere or very expensive cashmere, both are manually sorted and cleaned, before being hand spun so that the fibre does not get damaged. This is a lengthy process requiring a considerably degree of effort and manual labour.

  • Superb quality and high demand combine to drive the price of cashmere upward. The longevity and durability of garments created from cashmere result in knitwear that can be worn year after year without impacting upon its wearability.

These are some of the reasons why cashmere is so expensive and yet such high demand.

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