How to Source Cashmere Blends

Stocking cashmere blends has become essential for every cashmere wholesaler in today’s competitive knitwear market. While a retailer may want to specialise in only pure cashmere, for a wholesaler that rarely makes sense. For better profits, a wholesaler needs to diversify his/her basic stock and keep alternatives for people who cannot afford, or don’t way to pay for, expensive cashmere. Continue reading “How to Source Cashmere Blends”

Why Buy Cashmere Blend

Cashmere features in everyone’s dream list when it comes to fabrics we want in our closet. Whether you like luxury or practical wearability, cashmere scores above any other alternative. But its steep price tag means that buyers can rarely afford it. Cashmere blend offers a viable alternative. Here are a few reasons why you should stock cashmere blend:

Cheaper than cashmere

Cashmere is considered a luxury product in part because of its steep price tag. A quality cashmere sweater can be more expensive than three-four good quality wool sweaters combined. This is perhaps the biggest reason to stock cashmere blend. It can be less than half the price of the fabric. Since cashmere is counted among the most expensive fabrics in the world, the discount you can offer your buyers is significant.

Still superior to wool

The cut in the price tag means that you do get a product that is not as superior as pure cashmere. But it is still better than wool. The reason is simple mathematics and logic! Cashmere is usually blended with wool. So, we have all the qualities of wool, only enhanced by the cashmere in the blend. It is softer, lighter and warmer than almost all other types of wool.


The truth is that cashmere production is simply not very sustainable. This is a very specific type of wool that comes from China and Mongolia. It’s a highly prized wool that is always in high demand, which can rarely be met by the supply. This is the main reason for its steep price tag. Cashmere blends allow wholesalers to use this limited quantity in a more economic and sustainable manner. There are fewer chances of stock shortages.

How to Stock Affordable Cashmere

Getting one’s hands on affordable cashmere is every shopper’s dream. Considered to be a premier luxury item, cashmere also comes at a cost. It is warmer than wool, yet more durable and without the itch factor. Cashmere is also incredibly soft to touch. It’s elegant and sophisticated with high usability. The only stumbling block is the price. Any retailer who can offer low price cashmere will have an obvious advantage.

So, here’s how Luella Fashion can help you stock cashmere of an affordable range.

Reasonable prices

The best way to bring economy is to buy from suppliers who offer the most reasonable price. This can only be possible through wholesalers. Wholesalers offer bulk buying at reduced prices. Luella Fashion is one of the leading wholesalers. Its main USPs is quality product and reasonable prices. They get their products from the source and hence, are able to offer the merchandise at a lower rate.

Buy cashmere blend

Pure cashmere is rare and hence, expensive. A popular alternative is the cashmere blend. Look for high content of cashmere. This ensures that the fabric has many of the same qualities that cashmere already has, but at a really discounted price.

Buy smart

When you are buying low price cashmere, you need to be smart about it. Look for classical pieces that may be tagged off-season, but will always have a classic appeal. If price is still an issue, look for cashmere blends with high cashmere content. These blends retain most of cashmere’s premier qualities without the expensive price tag.