How to Source Cashmere Blends

Stocking cashmere blends has become essential for every cashmere wholesaler in today’s competitive knitwear market. While a retailer may want to specialise in only pure cashmere, for a wholesaler that rarely makes sense. For better profits, a wholesaler needs to diversify his/her basic stock and keep alternatives for people who cannot afford, or don’t way to pay for, expensive cashmere.

However, the question here is quality. Cashmere blends come in a wide range and you must know how to source the right variant. This can help in negotiating, pricing and in ascertaining the quality for yourself.

Know the blend

All cashmere blends are not the same. The quality of the blend depends largely on the other fibres used and their percentage in the composition. Natural fibres are preferred over synthetic yarn. Fibres used in such blends can range from premium mohair to the more affordable acrylic. Needless to say, the former will be more expensive. Similarly, the higher the percentage of the cashmere in the yarn, the more expensive it will be.

Get the documentation

Just getting the blend you want is not enough. You also must ensure proper documentation. Make sure that you have papers that correctly detail the composition and sourcing of the yarn. This will often be demanded by the retailer as part of their own policies.

Ensure the right source

The golden rule for any wholesaler is to look for the right supplier. The dependability of your stock will be determined by the quality of the supplier. You must ascertain how suppliers source their stock, check the quality and ensure timely deliveries.

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