How to Diversify Your Cashmere Stock

Cashmere is an evergreen commodity. As a wholesaler, you can be sure that you will always have customers who are looking to buy cashmere jumpers. However, its high price does create a niche market. This is why it is prudent to diversify your cashmere stock. This way you can target a varied customer base and expand your market.

Look for cashmere blends

Cashmere blend is the answer to finding an affordable alternative. These variations, using merino wool, lambswool, mohair or acrylic blends are priced more reasonably because the cashmere yarn is blended with less expensive, but still high quality, wools or acrylics. By offering a more affordable range, we can target buyers who cannot afford something as expensive as pure cashmere.

Pay attention to trends

Cashmere sweaters are classic items in anyone’s wardrobe. There is good reason for this. People want something timeless for the price that cashmere demands. However, they also want something that looks fashionable and on-trend. Pay attention to trends and use elements like sequins, stripes, and stars, which can also be timeless.

Diversify the designs

People are not just looking to buy cashmere jumpers. We can use cashmere to create a host of accessories of varying designs and styles, such as scarves, coats, gloves and ponchos. The more designs you have, the more people you can target.

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