Factors to Keep in Mind When Stocking Cashmere

If you sell autumn/winter wear, cashmere is a must have item, particularly if you are marketing to, or catering for, the top-end of the market. There are always people who want to buy a cashmere jumper. Because it is expensive, there are some factors you must keep in mind when buying and stocking cashmere knitwear:

Cashmere or blend: Cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. However, in order to broaden its accessibility to a wider market many wholesalers now also stock the more affordable cashmere blend. While blended fabrics have been available for many years, the modern blend is of far superior quality and looks as good as the pure cashmere version. The feel of the fabric will give you a good indication of whether you’re buying pure cashmere or a blended version.

Certificate of composition: If you are buying pure cashmere, ask your wholesaler to provide you with a certificate of composition. In case of a dispute regarding composition you can provide buyers with a copy this certificate as proof of composition. This is equally important when you buy a blended fabric because you will need the wholesaler to tell you the precise composition (in percentage terms) of each component used in the blend.

Composition: If you are buying blended cashmere jumper, be very clear about the compositions. The quality of the jumper will depend on the composition, in this case, the non-cashmere element. Materials like wool are natural and warmer than a synthetic material like acrylic. The type of wool will also make a significant difference in the overall quality. The precise composition is important in determining the quality and value (in terms of pricing) of the product.

Price: If you are looking to buy cashmere jumper in bulk, look for competitive pricing. You should also check factors that influence pricing, such as minimum order quantities, quality guarantees, delivery time and stock requirements.

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