Factors to Consider When Stocking Cashmere

For winter wear wholesalers, cashmere is a premium product that has a ready and assured market. But given its steep price, it must be sourced and stocked carefully. Here are a few factors you must consider:

Understand your market

Before you start, you must first understand your market. Cashmere is an expensive product. It’s prudent to research how many people in the market actually want to buy cashmere knitwear. While you will get some idea from the retailers and other buyers, proper market research should also be carried out. What is the market share of cashmere? What are the current trends? Who are your competitors and what is their market share?

Diversify your stock

As a wholesaler you must invest in a diversified stock. Classic items are always preferred, but you must also look for on-trend and more affordable options, like cashmere blends. You should also include more design options with products such coats, ponchos, gloves, scarves, shawls, cardigans, dresses and jumpers.

Get your documentation right

Given the price, anyone who wants to buy cashmere knitwear would want to ascertain its quality, which means you should have documentation to verify its quality. That should include information relating to yarn sourcing, composition, care advice and so on. Keep in mind that retailers have their own requirements as per their company policies.

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