4 Sales Tactics for Unsold Cashmere Inventory

An unsold inventory is every retailer’s nightmare and despite all your marketing genius, holding unsold stock inevitable. When it comes to high-priced items like cashmere, this can really affect yourbottom-line. So, here are a few tips to help you move on unsold inventory — from offering low price cashmere to exchange.

Rename and remarket: Try rebranding the products. You can give a special name for your line, give it a prominent display and go for a big promotion. This can sometimes create an illusion of a new product in the market, helping you to create a buzz.

Discounts: Everyone loves a discount and that is why this has been the favourite sales tactic since time immemorial. Offer a storewide discount or a limited sale on unsold items.

Bundles: This is when you offer a free item with a certain purchase. You can offer a free sweater with each sweater (a 50% discount) or on a certain amount of sales. This ensures that people buy more in an effort to get the free deal.

Exchange: This is another tactic for low price cashmere deal. In this deal you can offer a discount for buyers who bring you old garments. The discount can be offered as per the quality of the returned merchandise coupled with the number of items.

Infographic : Some Interesting Facts about Cashmere

The Infographic titled as “Some Interesting Facts About Cashmere”presents some amazing facts about cashmere that you probably didn’t know, and whichcan help us make informed buying decisions.It also explains why cashmere is one of the most luxurious and expensive fibres with which to create beautiful clothing and knitwear. Because of the rareness and quality of the cashmere, people throughout the world are interested in buying it, men as well as women.Garments made from cashmere provide excellent protection from the cold weather. Continue reading “Infographic : Some Interesting Facts about Cashmere”

How to Stock Affordable Cashmere

Getting one’s hands on affordable cashmere is every shopper’s dream. Considered to be a premier luxury item, cashmere also comes at a cost. It is warmer than wool, yet more durable and without the itch factor. Cashmere is also incredibly soft to touch. It’s elegant and sophisticated with high usability. The only stumbling block is the price. Any retailer who can offer low price cashmere will have an obvious advantage.

So, here’s how Luella Fashion can help you stock cashmere of an affordable range.

Reasonable prices

The best way to bring economy is to buy from suppliers who offer the most reasonable price. This can only be possible through wholesalers. Wholesalers offer bulk buying at reduced prices. Luella Fashion is one of the leading wholesalers. Its main USPs is quality product and reasonable prices. They get their products from the source and hence, are able to offer the merchandise at a lower rate.

Buy cashmere blend

Pure cashmere is rare and hence, expensive. A popular alternative is the cashmere blend. Look for high content of cashmere. This ensures that the fabric has many of the same qualities that cashmere already has, but at a really discounted price.

Buy smart

When you are buying low price cashmere, you need to be smart about it. Look for classical pieces that may be tagged off-season, but will always have a classic appeal. If price is still an issue, look for cashmere blends with high cashmere content. These blends retain most of cashmere’s premier qualities without the expensive price tag.