What makes Cashmere knitwear so Exclusive

When it comes to knitwear, cashmere wins hands down for its quality. This classic fabric continues to be a favourite of fashionistas, grandmas and the busy working woman. But what makes cashmere is coveted? Why does even wholesale cashmere knitwear command a good price?

The production process

The main reason behind cashmere’s steep price tag is its production process and scarcity. It may have come originally form Kashmir, but today cashmere comes from specially bred goats. We need the soft undercoat and it takes more than two goats for a single sweater. The production process is also quite labour intensive and expensive. The separation of the undercoat fibres from the topcoat fibres takes time and effort. This naturally increases the price

The quality

Why is cashmere so popular even when it is expensive? The simple reason lies in its quality. Cashmere is incredibly soft and light. Yet, it is almost twice as warm as other types of wool. It can be easily made into fashionable garments and is indeed, the favourite of designers for its quality and luxury factor. Today you can even get blended varieties in wholesale cashmere knitwear at a more affordable price. The quality of blended cashmere depends on the composition. A high quality component like pure wool is naturally more expensive than acrylic blends.