4 Sales Tactics for Unsold Cashmere Inventory

An unsold inventory is every retailer’s nightmare and despite all your marketing genius, holding unsold stock inevitable. When it comes to high-priced items like cashmere, this can really affect yourbottom-line. So, here are a few tips to help you move on unsold inventory — from offering low price cashmere to exchange.

Rename and remarket: Try rebranding the products. You can give a special name for your line, give it a prominent display and go for a big promotion. This can sometimes create an illusion of a new product in the market, helping you to create a buzz.

Discounts: Everyone loves a discount and that is why this has been the favourite sales tactic since time immemorial. Offer a storewide discount or a limited sale on unsold items.

Bundles: This is when you offer a free item with a certain purchase. You can offer a free sweater with each sweater (a 50% discount) or on a certain amount of sales. This ensures that people buy more in an effort to get the free deal.

Exchange: This is another tactic for low price cashmere deal. In this deal you can offer a discount for buyers who bring you old garments. The discount can be offered as per the quality of the returned merchandise coupled with the number of items.

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