Reasons Why Cashmere Is Expensive

Cashmere and its touch on your skin genuinely feels like a feather slowly drifting over your skin, and it is like a wisp of fresh air. It is very soft and luxurious to the touch, and its warmth sometimes would evoke poetry in your mind. Cashmere has always been a perennial favourite and is highly esteemed among fashion nobility.

Here are some of the reasons why cashmere is so expensive:

  • Cashmere is the King of Fibres: Cashmere comes from the highlands of Kashmir where the goat Capra hircus resides. The temperature and the weather at which the goats live cause the growth of diamond fibre. Also, these goats are a rare species and are not found everywhere. The luxurious yarn comes from luxurious fibre and represents status for the person who is wearing it. Lower price cashmere is very much in demand as new have developed to obtain cashmere fibre more efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Hard work: Whether it is lower price cashmere or very expensive cashmere, both are manually sorted and cleaned, before being hand spun so that the fibre does not get damaged. This is a lengthy process requiring a considerably degree of effort and manual labour.

  • Superb quality and high demand combine to drive the price of cashmere upward. The longevity and durability of garments created from cashmere result in knitwear that can be worn year after year without impacting upon its wearability.

These are some of the reasons why cashmere is so expensive and yet such high demand.

Why Buying Cashmere Wholesale can be Economical?

Cashmere is one of the most expensive fibres, but it is truly luxurious. It is so light and soft that touching it feels like moving your fingers over feathers. Because of its exceptional quality, cashmere is expensive. This is because it comes from a rare species of goat called Capra hircus found only on the highlands of Kashmir. Consequently, buying cashmere from a wholesaler could be genuinely beneficial for you.

  • Affordability: One of the most significant factors when considering buying cashmere in wholesale is affordability. Buying in larger quantities gives rise to savings that would otherwise not be available. Also, where there is no intermediary between the wholesaler and the buyer, the costs are reduced still further. Consequently, there are considerable benefits to purchasing cashmere directly and at more affordable prices.

  • Business Process is Simplified: The whole process of how business is done is simplified when buying cashmere wholesale. Ordering in larger quantities ensures a readily available product for your customers, particularly for in-demand styles and colours. It also reduces the number of occasions when repeat orders need to be made and avoids losing the opportunity to acquire the most covetable items before they are out of stock.

These are some of the reasons why buying cashmere wholesale is convenient as well as affordable when your business is fashion retail.

Why You Should Stock Cashmere Blend

Cashmere blends are made by combining cashmere with other materials like wool, cotton or acrylic. Today, most cashmere wholesalers also offer these blends along with pure cashmere. If you are a purist who can’t decide whether to offer cashmere blends, you may be losing business by not offering them. There are many reasons to offer cashmere blends, including –

Reaching a wider market: Because pure cashmere is a premium high-cost product, not everyone can afford to buy it. Even for people who may buy cashmere, it is often just a one-time purchase — a valued garment that they will buy and not replace for many years. With cashmere blend, you can reach a much wider market. Also, this reasonably priced version is far more likely to sell in large quantities, with shoppers making frequent or multiple purchases.

More designs: The blended fabric is easier to work with, which is why many designs prefer it. They can create numerous and varied designs including additions such as sequins and stars, that would expensive to produce on pure cashmere.

Varied price structure: As a retailer, it always makes sense to offer a range of variously priced merchandise. Some items are meant to be high-priced. These are premium luxurious materials like pure cashmere. But it is good business to offer a more medium-range selection for people who do not want to pay for pure cashmere. Most buyers fall into this bracket. The more reasonably priced cashmere blend allows you to stock cashmere garments in this price range.

Limited availability of cashmere: Cashmere is a naturally sourced fabric with an extremely limited availability. Cashmere blends, on the other hand, have a higher availability because we are blending other fabrics and using less cashmere. With cashmere blends you are likely to be able to source exactly what you want and when you want it.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Stocking Cashmere

If you sell autumn/winter wear, cashmere is a must have item, particularly if you are marketing to, or catering for, the top-end of the market. There are always people who want to buy a cashmere jumper. Because it is expensive, there are some factors you must keep in mind when buying and stocking cashmere knitwear:

Cashmere or blend: Cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. However, in order to broaden its accessibility to a wider market many wholesalers now also stock the more affordable cashmere blend. While blended fabrics have been available for many years, the modern blend is of far superior quality and looks as good as the pure cashmere version. The feel of the fabric will give you a good indication of whether you’re buying pure cashmere or a blended version.

Certificate of composition: If you are buying pure cashmere, ask your wholesaler to provide you with a certificate of composition. In case of a dispute regarding composition you can provide buyers with a copy this certificate as proof of composition. This is equally important when you buy a blended fabric because you will need the wholesaler to tell you the precise composition (in percentage terms) of each component used in the blend.

Composition: If you are buying blended cashmere jumper, be very clear about the compositions. The quality of the jumper will depend on the composition, in this case, the non-cashmere element. Materials like wool are natural and warmer than a synthetic material like acrylic. The type of wool will also make a significant difference in the overall quality. The precise composition is important in determining the quality and value (in terms of pricing) of the product.

Price: If you are looking to buy cashmere jumper in bulk, look for competitive pricing. You should also check factors that influence pricing, such as minimum order quantities, quality guarantees, delivery time and stock requirements.

Tips to Sell Your Extra Cashmere Stock

As the summer ends, sales may dip. The best part of working with timeless materials is that you will always find someone who wants to buy cashmere knitwear. But you may need a little extra help and strategy to sell your inventory.

Return it: Check if your wholesaler will accept returns. There are usually conditions attached to such offers, such as an upper limit on returns, limitation on cash back and the condition of the merchandise. Returning the stock would obviously be the most preferred option. But if you cannot meet the conditions for valid returns, you may have to look at other options.

Offer discounts: This is the preferred method of moving on unsold inventory. Most retailers offer a discount on unsold stock, often using end-of-season sale or mid-season sale promotions. You can offer a single-rate discount or different discounts according to the popularity of the product. The least popular items can be offered under the heaviest discounts.

Make it part of promotional campaigns: You can market it part of any in-store campaign. For instance, you could offer a cashmere sweater to anyone buying goods above a certain price. You could offer other promotional items every time someone buys cashmere knitwear.

Changing presentation: Sometimes a simple change in placement can make all the difference. Place your stock alongside your highest selling items. This will ensure higher visibility. You can also change its presentation. Place it next to complementary clothes. For instance, when you dress a mannequin in a jumper, pair it up with a great looking skirt. The entire look will tempt the buyers to go for the same jumper.

Liquidate online: The internet is a great marketplace. It can help you reach buyers across the world, and to sell throughout all seasons. So, even if it is not cold enough for high cashmere sales in your area, you can always find a buyer somewhere else in the world. In other words, you can always find someone looking to buy cashmere knitwear!

4 Sales Tactics for Unsold Cashmere Inventory

An unsold inventory is every retailer’s nightmare and despite all your marketing genius, holding unsold stock inevitable. When it comes to high-priced items like cashmere, this can really affect yourbottom-line. So, here are a few tips to help you move on unsold inventory — from offering low price cashmere to exchange.

Rename and remarket: Try rebranding the products. You can give a special name for your line, give it a prominent display and go for a big promotion. This can sometimes create an illusion of a new product in the market, helping you to create a buzz.

Discounts: Everyone loves a discount and that is why this has been the favourite sales tactic since time immemorial. Offer a storewide discount or a limited sale on unsold items.

Bundles: This is when you offer a free item with a certain purchase. You can offer a free sweater with each sweater (a 50% discount) or on a certain amount of sales. This ensures that people buy more in an effort to get the free deal.

Exchange: This is another tactic for low price cashmere deal. In this deal you can offer a discount for buyers who bring you old garments. The discount can be offered as per the quality of the returned merchandise coupled with the number of items.

How to Get the Best from Your Cashmere Stock

Despite its price, no retailer or stockist can afford to ignore cashmere. This is a classic piece of autumn/winter wear which will always have a ready market. If you are known for quality, stocking cashmere is essential. But it pays to be aware of a few simple facts when sourcing cashmere.

Buy from wholesalers: Wholesalers will give you the best price if you are buying in bulk. But look for someone who has a varied inventory and offers some guarantees on the product. This is a highly priced item and you should play it safe. You should also find out their policy on unsold inventory or defected items.

Stock different designs: It always pays to stock different designs so that you can appeal to a wider market. Many wholesalers today offer different designs, such as colour-block, sequins, and patterned sweaters. The classics are always popular, but make sure you have a good stock of stylish knitwear as well.

Source more affordable versions: Blended cashmere has many of the quality of pure cashmere without the expensive price tag. Offering a more affordable line will ensure that you have varied options for your buyers. You can get some premium blends from cashmere jumpers wholesale suppliers. Just make sure that you label the garments with the correct composition.

What makes Cashmere knitwear so Exclusive

When it comes to knitwear, cashmere wins hands down for its quality. This classic fabric continues to be a favourite of fashionistas, grandmas and the busy working woman. But what makes cashmere is coveted? Why does even wholesale cashmere knitwear command a good price?

The production process

The main reason behind cashmere’s steep price tag is its production process and scarcity. It may have come originally form Kashmir, but today cashmere comes from specially bred goats. We need the soft undercoat and it takes more than two goats for a single sweater. The production process is also quite labour intensive and expensive. The separation of the undercoat fibres from the topcoat fibres takes time and effort. This naturally increases the price

The quality

Why is cashmere so popular even when it is expensive? The simple reason lies in its quality. Cashmere is incredibly soft and light. Yet, it is almost twice as warm as other types of wool. It can be easily made into fashionable garments and is indeed, the favourite of designers for its quality and luxury factor. Today you can even get blended varieties in wholesale cashmere knitwear at a more affordable price. The quality of blended cashmere depends on the composition. A high quality component like pure wool is naturally more expensive than acrylic blends.

Infographic : Some Interesting Facts about Cashmere

The Infographic titled as “Some Interesting Facts About Cashmere”presents some amazing facts about cashmere that you probably didn’t know, and whichcan help us make informed buying decisions.It also explains why cashmere is one of the most luxurious and expensive fibres with which to create beautiful clothing and knitwear. Because of the rareness and quality of the cashmere, people throughout the world are interested in buying it, men as well as women.Garments made from cashmere provide excellent protection from the cold weather. Continue reading “Infographic : Some Interesting Facts about Cashmere”